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65 Minutes for “65 Promises From God for your Child”

By In Yoga On April 08, 2013

Do you believe in the power of prayer? Do you know the 65 promises God has made to parents for their children? Interested in growing in the understanding of God’s view on parenting and  praying these Biblical promises for your children, grandchildren, or any child whom you’d like to cover in prayer?

In an effort to more deeply understand and claim the many promises that God has graciously given to us for our children, we will be holding Prayer Journey, a 7-week prayer study using the highly insightful and easy-to-understand book, “65 Promises From God for your Child: Powerful Prayers For Supernatural Results” by Mike Shreve. Also the author of “In Search of The True Light” and many other books, Shreve is a former yoga teacher who taught at four universities in Tampa. Today, he and his wife, Elizabeth, pastor at Triumphant Living Ministries in Cleveland, TN. They have two children whose life stories are incredible testimonies of what God has promised to parents!

Because we’ll be journeying through 65 Promises in a seven-week period, we will pray and discuss 10 of these Promises per session. That will leave us with five Promises plus the book’s conclusion to discuss on the seventh gathering. But, more importantly, we will pace ourselves as God leads!

By the way, we will also have the opportunity to hear directly from Mike Shreve via his CDs that accompany “65 Promises From God for your Child.”

If you share our belief that prayer wrapped with love is the single most important gift we can give to our children — or even if you have doubts about the power of prayer– let’s prayerfully grow together for 65 minutes each week as we journey through “65 Promises From God for your Child.” And, let’s excitedly watch “supernatural results” unfold.

Our collective prayer journey begins on May 7, 2013 at 10:30 a.m. at Life’s Journey Wellness Center. The only cost is the price of the book, which will need to be purchased in advance from Life’s Journey, a local book store, or online (under $10). To kick off the process, participants will be asked to read the book’s interesting introduction prior to May 7.

For more information and/or to RSVP, click here or call (904) 276-3116.

We are so excited for this opportunity to team up and pray together and watch all sorts of results unfold!!!

You can take a peek inside this very special book here!

Shall we begin…


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