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A Look Inside Our Hips With Pigeon Pose

By In Yoga On May 18, 2010

It’s quite common for us to carry stuck emotional energy in the “home” of our hips if we haven’t actively sought methods of release, such as prayer, meditation, positive thinking exercises, yoga, or other forms of stress-relief. When you really think about it, it’s no wonder we often feel tight in our hips when stretching or just moving them in general.
Kimberli in Pigeon Pose
“Breathe into any tightness you feel in your hips,” I often say to yoga students when we do the hip-opening posture, Pigeon, in class. “Then,” I continue, “on the exhale, let go of any stuck energy that’s hanging out there.” After flowing through this breathing pattern in Pigeon for several breaths, a lasting refreshment of the hips is typically felt upon releasing out of the pose. Ahh, nourishment to the hips! How good it feels when the “doors” of our hips begin opening to free us from “stuff”!

“I’m messy getting into the pose” one student shared with me, “but, once I’m there, awww, I love it. I can feel all of this being stretched,” she said while scanning the region of her hip with her hand.”

However, not everyone loves Pigeon. “I would much rather do Wheel than Pigeon,” another student said.

Like Wheel, Pigeon is so good for you,” I stated.

I know,” she replied, “but just as I don’t like to run but still do it because it’s good for me, well, that’s how I see Pigeon.”

After teaching a class about a week ago in which several students would have easily replaced Pigeon with another posture (and they certainly could have), I’ve been pondering if the varied emotional energy that Pigeon can trigger is perhaps a deeper reason why some folks would opt to leave this particular pose out of their yoga practice.

On a physical level, some Pigeon practitioners might simply feel tight in the hips, and, obviously, either enjoy or dislike the sensation of the stretch. But, wonder if during the time of holding Pigeon pose, the non-fans of Pigeon subconsciously find it simpler to also hold on to their “stuck energy” instead of letting it go and then maybe having to deal with it further a little later? So, just in case, we must remember to ask ourselves: Does hanging on to our stuck energy positively contribute to higher levels of our whole health? It is then that we may be more open to inviting, not rejecting, the blessed Pigeon.

Should stuck emotions happen to rise to the surface during Pigeon pose or any other posture, know that this “stuff” is better out than in. Simply further push this stale energy out of the body via nice, long inhalations and even longer exhalations! It is truly amazing to feel a lightness take over the body when we allow ourselves to breathe the “gook” away. I’m really thankful that my breath and I have gotten pretty chummy over the years, thanks to the process of yoga. And, I still remain in awe of the power of the breath, which I often refer to as our “natural medicine,” or “invisible soap and water”. It really does clean us up!

During my recent reflection about Pigeon pose, I found this wonderful Hip Opening = Heart Opening document on that gives us a closer look inside our hips in the loved — or not-so-loved — Pigeon pose.

Spread your wings…I mean hips…with Pigeon and watch the inner you rise and soar!


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