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At-Your-Desk Yoga

By In Yoga On February 04, 2010

How timely! Oh how I love synchronicity! Smack bam in the middle of us preparing to add At-Your-Desk Yoga demonstrations to Life’s Journey’s list of offerings…voila, look what pops up (clip below) thanks to Yoga Journal.

Sitting at your desk? Try these postures that can be done right there to keep your body feeling refreshed as you work. I just love the reporter’s reaction to the postures in the clip below. As you see, this is the type of yoga that requires no special clothing or yoga mat. Suit and tie….and even high heels will work!

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Yoga can meet you where ever you are in life….and, as you can see, even at your DESK!

If you’d like a fun demonstration of At-Your- Desk Yoga (including restorative breathing exercises) at your business, perhaps around the conference table at a staff meeting, just give us a call at (904) 276-3116 or e-mail

See you at your desk!

Penny Powell, RYT

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