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Benefits of Yoga for Men

By In Classes On August 03, 2012

The general consensus in our society seems to be that yoga is only for women. However, once men realize the many ways that yoga can also benefit them, they have a change of heart about this yoga-is-for-women mindset.

For starters, yoga works the entire body — and that’s all bodies, not just the bodies of women! Did you know that during sports, we tend to only utilize about 10 – 15% of the body, whereas, yoga provides a workout that covers every muscle, joint, and organ? Yoga gives the term “full body workout” a whole new meaning!

The practice of yoga oxygenates the blood, thus, creating more post-yoga energy as opposed to depleting the body of energy as is often the case after sports and gym workouts. Yoga, however, is a ideal for removing stiffness in the bodies from sports and workouts.

Did you know that yoga also has some “private” benefits, too? (Wink, Wink!) For instance, Guarasana (Eagle pose) sends fresh blood and oxygen to the sexual organs. Trikonasana (Triangle pose) increases cardiovascular endurance and is the only known posture that utilizes every organ, muscle, and joint in the body.  Studies have shown that yoga also helps men to be more mindful during that “intimate” time with their partners.

It’s well-known that a regular yoga practice can reduce stress! The mindfulness of yoga helps the practitioner identify tension held in the body and mind, and then the postures combined with conscious breathing help release it Since men are known to have higher stress levels than women, they can certainly benefit from the stress-relieving effects of a regular yoga practice.

Still not sold on how yoga can be equally as beneficial for men as it is for women?

Here are a few more physical benefits yoga has to offer:

Men are especially prone to low back pain, and yoga can help reduce and/or alleviate that pain. Yoga can also lower blood pressure, plus, make one smarter! Since the ability to recognize a problem is critical for the exercise of good judgment, a yoga practice may help those who practice it make better decisions about key areas of their lives. Then, with the large degree of stress reduction and mind-clearing yoga offers, one is able to see things from a new, smarter perspective.

So, fellas, the next time a woman in your life asks you to join her at the yoga studio, think of all of the benefits you’ll be receiving. Plus, it will make her really happy, which, in turn, becomes another benefit for you.

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