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Affordable and Convenient Healthy Escapes

A healthy escape could be closer to home than you might think! Here are four relaxing ways that will allow you to get away and take an escape that doesn’t require a long drive or plane ticket. These “getaways” are[...]

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Restorative Beauty

  Imagine practices such as yoga breath work, stretches, and postures replacing cosmetic make-up when it comes to beauty! Today, with the concept of natural, organic beauty on the rise, more and more women are going within to meet and[...]

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Hypnosis For Change

It can be used to help with relaxation, for becoming more positive or for taking control of your life.[...]

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Get your Chakras in Balance

Our bodies have sensitive areas that are the focal points of our emotions, feelings, intuition and insight. These energy points are called Chakras and are located on the mid-line of the body. There are seven of them, and they govern[...]

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