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By In Yoga On March 08, 2010

Yesterday, some members of our Life’s Journey team had a fun time showing our quaint yoga studio to guests who attended Tropic Fusion’s grand opening. What really touched me, in particular, was the interest that several children of varying ages showed in our studio. “I feel relaxed already,” one middle-school boy said as he exited the studio, and he hadn’t even had a class yet. He was simply referring to standing inside of our dimly lit studio with soft music playing.

A third-grade girl who kept coming upstairs to visit us, said, “It’s so peaceful up here,” as she stepped into the check-in area and took a seat on the bench in there and chatted with me about her interests in life. She showed such an interest in our studio that when it was time to close up for the day, I invited her to assist me. In her “yoga studio assistant” role, we went into the studio to turn off lights, music and such.

When this same sweet girl had made her initial trip up the stairs from Tropic Fusion, she had brought a friend with her. In the studio, kneeling on all fours, she rolled a small ball out in front of her, and her body naturally ended up in Child’s pose. “That’s Child’s pose you’re doing,” I told her. That then led the three of us to playing in Downward Dog posture. From Downward Dog, one of the girls naturally lowered her body to Cobra pose, similar to the way we do that in a yoga class. Talk about a knowing!

The girls told me about the sports they do — gymnastics for one and soccer for the other. I explained to them that yoga is such a great foundation for any sport because of the way the body is stretched in conjunction with deep breathing. As they stretched in the studio, I reminded them to stretch carefully and not to the degree that would create pain. “We do not want to overstretch the body,” I explained. “Just stretch to the point that feels comfortable and right for your body.” And they did.

Prior to giving another studio tour yesterday to a group of students from Lakeside Middle School, one of the students said to me, “You were the yoga teacher for my AAU basketball team,” referring to a yoga clinic I did last summer with his team, “and you gave us banana/strawberry smoothies at the end of the class,” he continued. “Those were so good, and I felt sooo relaxed after class.” Wow, that moment reminded me that we adults are always truly planting seeds in the minds and hearts of children. We just never know who will remember us and what we shared, so we must strive to “plant” well at all times.

If you’d like to plant a yoga seed in your child and their friends, we can certainly help you out. A group of friends taking a yoga class together is always so much fun. At one of the yoga birthday parties we coordinated for an 11-year-old girl some months ago, many of the children were quick to say at the end of class, “I am going home to tell my mom that she should come here, too.” Not long ago, I ran into one of the moms whose daughter was at the party, and she shared that her daughter has been reenacting the birthday yoga class at home to their dog. “Everything you told her, she’s been saying to the dog,” the mom said.

Another girl at the party stood in Tree pose and exclaimed, “This class is making me feel so confident.”

Yoga brings varied positive benefits to children and adults, and our mission at Life’s Journey is precisely that: “To cultivate emotional balance for children and adults.”

Feel free to give us a call at (904) 276-3116 or send us an e-mail at if you’d like to book a birthday party or other celebration for your children and their friends, a class for your family, or if you’d just like to try a class on our schedule.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you plant some yummy health seeds within yourself, your family, and friends…

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