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Teens Yoga

Keeping balance can be a tremendous chore for teenagers today. Their plugged-in lifestyle can create overwhelming stimulation and the stress of performing in the classroom and on the stage, field or court, can take a weighty toll on their bodies, minds and spirits. Practicing yoga can help. Here’s how:

  • Poses / asanas, can help lengthen and strengthen muscles.
  • Movement on the mat can develop body awareness and encourage a healthy confidence and radiant self esteem.
  • Stabilizing the core brings posture into proper alignment, improves coordination and balance.
  • Increases mobility in the joint which can help prevent injury. Hooray!
  • Revitalizes energy level / tempers hyperactivity.
  • Boost creativity and imagination.
  • Fosters techniques to relieve stress / anxiety and replaces it with a sense of calm, relaxation and internal wellness.
Teens playing Soccer

Teens Wellness

For the teen athlete, yoga can be a tremendous resource. Stretching combined with asanas to build mobility, flexibility and strength, can help prevent future injury. Guided relaxation and deep breathing can encourage mental clarity and an overall feeling of calm. Overuse of their bodies, through repetitive movement and exercise can cause damage that may take years to surface. Unrolling their mat on a regular basis can encourage restoration and healing. We are available to work with individuals, groups and even complete teams in the studio or on location. We can customize a sport specific practice that will enhance their happiness and their performance. Its a WIN!!!

Find options that may be right for you on our most recent studio calendar. Stretch & Flex is appropriate for ages 10+ and meets at 5:30 on Tuesdays. Email the studio for further information and explore options.