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Eat Well/Be Well

By In Yoga On February 22, 2013

This week, we’re thrilled to introduce Dr. Pat Sager Lane and her “Eat Well/Be Well: Mindful Nutrition Awareness Lifestyle Program” to you! A 6-week “Eat Well/Be Well” series class will begin March 9, 2013. The additional dates and a breakdown of the weekly content can be found here.

Dr. Sager Lane has extensive personal experience in dealing with the problems of obesity, food allergies, drug and supplement intolerances, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, celiac disease, gluten intolerance, high blood pressure, heartburn, sleep disturbances and many other medical and dietary challenges. (Her full bio will be available on our website soon.) In the meantime, she invites you to:-

Come and learn what to do to help yourself and your family separate the “Hype” and “Habit” (your unconscious response) surrounding what you choose to eat! Come increase your knowledge base — and please your palate — with the better “alternative” food choices available to stimulate optimum health!

Know the reasons why you should consider changes to what you choose to eat. Understand the consequences of taking prescription and/or over-the-counter drugs so you can help yourself to get better and be less drug-dependent or drug-free.  Learn what to eat to feel full, satisfied and well, and how to validate results with medical tests.

Learn how to lessen pain and chronic symptoms by applying the proven Mindful Nutrition Awareness Lifestyle Program that is a lifestyle change of best choices — not a diet! No calories or anything else to count or weigh, and no starving yourself or eating only one or two foods!

In this course, Dr. Sager Lane will show you how to shop, where to buy from the best and most inexpensive sources, and she will also demonstrate how to prepare and cook food in new ways with new applications of appetizing food products. Come explore exciting adventures in Sourcing, Cooking, and Tasting for your health!

Celebrate your right to choose to Eat Well to Be Well, and come join the wellness party!

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