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Energy is Different Every Day

By In Yoga On April 20, 2010

I often recall and repeat the words of one of my very first yoga teachers who regularly said this to her yoga students during class: “Energy is different every day!” She would use those words to help remove any expectations we might have been placing on ourselves during our yoga practice. Because of the way energy shifts from day to day, areas such as our feelings, levels of flexibility, etc., may shift, too. And, it’s all okay, because….why?

Energy is different every day! That’s why there’s that saying, a favorite of mine: “The only thing that stays the same is that everything is always changing.” Not sure where I first heard this saying or who said it, but I sure do love it — because it’s so true!

On March 11, I discussed this very subject with Michelle Shults, a Life’s Journey yoga student and friend of mine. Here is that dialogue…

Penny (me): I really enjoyed working at the studio yesterday….the energy was right. But you know that energy can be different every day!

Michelle (LJ student): The universe moves every day, so the energy is in different places all the time.

Penny: Exactly. I love how you worded that…might add that (quoting you) in my next blog entry.:-) It’s a great explanation as to why energy shifts. But the goal is that through the “universe moving,” we have to try to keep our good energy and balance, but sometimes we do get thrown off. The goal, however, is to try to line back up. I had wanted to write (blog) about the vibe at the studio yesterday. Now, after this discussion, I am clearer as to what angle I can go with.:-) Good deal…and, of course, I will quote you.:-)

Michelle: Yeah, and it really does (energy shifts). We can’t lose sight of it if we depend on it to be right there in our grasp all the time. Then, we can get discouraged, ya know? Balance is the key to even distribution of energy.

Penny: Yes!!! “Even distribution of energy”…my latest words in my yoga classes when helping people to “balance” where they feel the tightness in the stretch…
Michelle: Really?

Penny: For instance, in Forward Facing Bend posture, many want to just have straight legs when folding forward, but it often feels too tight in the legs for some, so we should bend at the knees as much as we need to…to get, as you said, that equal distribution of energy. (By the way, I have to credit Mark White at M Body Yoga for helping me more deeply understand the concept of “equal distribution of energy” in yoga postures.)

Really tightness in any area, especially, decision-making, fighting with someone (verbally) or physically, etc. The energy works where it needs to. You are so right not to hurt the body but to go as far as the energy will allow without getting hurt. Common sense is so easy. Too bad more people can’t get it. It has to be scientific for some people to understand.

That energy just surfaces on its own (re fighting with someone), however, when we put the mental discipline behind it, we are, in fact, in control of that, too…..the mind part of yoga! There’s also an even distribution of energy that can be applied to that scenario, too…it’s just can be a little harder to listen to, because we often let emotions take over.

So, readers, are you listening to your mind, body, and spirit? How’s the energy in those areas for you today? At Sophia Dare Dentiste’s Significance back in December, during an elevator speech about Life’s Journey, I asked a group of women, by a show of hands, who felt balanced? No one raised their hand, but the grunts, chuckles and other sounds surfaced as an indicator that, boy oh boy, they needed to find more balance in their lives.

Well, folks, we have classes that FOCUS on precisely that…mind/body/spirit balance! Pleasant, nurturing classes AND other holistic services to help you restore your God-given balance. We at Life’s Journey are only a phone call (904) 276-3116 or e-mail away.

Looking forward to helping you find your balance during this wonderful season of spring.

Spring into YOUR Balance, Penny

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  • michelle shults 9 YEARS AGO

    awesome conversation

  • michelle shults 9 YEARS AGO

    beautiful article

  • Penny 9 YEARS AGO

    Thanks, Michelle! Well, YOU helped make it, as you put it....."awesome" and "beautiful". :-) Thanks for the chat. Warm Wishes, Penny

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