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Instructor: Sandy Kirk

By In Old Callouts On August 22, 2010

Sandy began taking yoga classes six years ago to help cope with the stress from her daily life. The profound effects of yoga so deeply affected her ability to relax that it led her to become trained as a facilitator.

Sandy’s first training was in Yoga Nidra, a deep integrative relaxation experience. She then went on to train in Amrit Yoga, which takes on a more active role.

Sandy helps to heal hearts and uncover our shadows to show us how to love ourselves. She sets people up for success by striving to make it the best year of their life. As we focus our attention to our body in a relaxed manner, we find that healing takes place.

There is an upcoming Shadow Effect workshop starting at the end of this month. Sandy teaches a variety of yoga classes, including Amrit Yoga and Yoga Nidra. She also schedules Private sessions by appointment for any of the offered classes.

We are honored and blessed to have Sandy as a vital part of our team, and thankful for her willingness to share her gifts with the community.

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