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From Plank to Your Power Flower

By In Yoga On March 27, 2011

Plank Pose Kimberli HargnettJust as some folks enjoy a leisurely walk while others prefer walking briskly, or just as some like to jog while others go all out with a sprint, some people prefer gentle yoga while power yoga is the preference for others! Then, of course, some simply enjoy a mixture of it all.

Whether new to yoga or not, Power Yoga offers something for everyone. Let’s take a moment to review the Plank pose, one of the yoga postures typically used to transition us down to Cobra pose or Upward Dog!

Popular New York-based fitness trainer, Pete Cerqua, sheds some wonderful insight on this strength-building posture. In his book, “The 90-Second Fitness Solution,” Cerqua writes: “Can you do a plank without your feet? No. So the muscles in your feet, shins, and calves must be doing something. If your glutes and abs aren’t contracting, you will sag to the floor. If your shoulder blades aren’t contracting to support your chest, shoulders, and triceps, you will plummet to the ground. The wrists hold up the arms and the neck holds up the head. The plank works your entire beautiful body!”

And that is, in fact, one of the many beautiful things about yoga, folks! The postures connect in a way to work the whole you, including mind and spirit, too!

By the way, did you know that studies show plank pose to be more effective than sit-ups? says: “…if you want better results from your core workout, focus on stability through different plank variations rather than performing endless sit ups and crunches.”

In a recent Facebook entry we posted, we quoted this information from “Using the weight of your own body to create resistance was one of the earliest forms of strength training. It’s easy to learn, effective, and you can do it just about anywhere.” One of the many lovely things about yoga is using your body’s own weight to build strength. It’s quite natural.

All of our yoga classes and workshops will take you deeper into your core as well as deeper into many other aspects of you, so why not take a chance to experience the deeper and more powerful you?

Peruse our variety of yoga classes at Life’s Journey Yoga & Wellness! To register for a workshop, simply click on the  “Workshops” tab.

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