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How to Easily make Banana Pudding with a Champion Juicer

By In Yoga On January 07, 2013

So, what’s some of the healthy activities our yoga instructors enjoy doing when they are not in the studio teaching classes?
Today, our spotlight’s on Penny! This morning, she was at home making Banana/Lemon/Ginger pudding via a Champion juicer.
“Oh, it was so delicious and nutritious,” she said. “When I’ve done juicing workshops at the studio, several folks have asked if bananas can be juiced. Typically, they cannot, but with a Champion juicer, frozen bananas can be fed through the juicer for ice cream or pudding. In this case, where the pulp from veggies and fruit would normally exit the Champion, the ice cream or pudding does. It’s the coolest thing,” Penny says with much excitement.
“This morning,” she continues, “because the frozen bananas had started to defrost a bit, I got more of a pudding-like texture. What a simple process with a delicious result! Where else can you get a tasty ONE-ingredient ice cream or pudding?
But, should you want to add more to this super-easy recipe, you surely can!
For fun and a little extra flavor — along with the cleansing properties of lemon and ginger — Penny simply juiced a small piece of those items to add to the pudding. Because of how deeply the Champion breaks down produce, she says she only needed a really tiny piece of each to pull out the flavors!
Life’s Journey Yoga & Wellness Center is wishing you a flavorful Friday, a healthy way, of course!
Penny’s off to the store for more bananas…
Banana Knowledge: “Man has been eating these long, slender fruits without seeds” for thousands of years. “It makes sense that twelfth-century Chinese herbal doctors prescribed bananas for convalescence given their high potassium content which benefits the heart and muscular system. Of the soft fruits, bananas are second only to strawberries when it comes to overall mineral content.” ~Jay Kordich in “The Juiceman’s Power of Juicing”
Coming Next Friday:
Penny’s son requested chocolate ice cream, Champion-style, so come back next Friday for some of that nutritious deliciousness. Find out what Penny learned NOT to do with bananas that are about to be fed through the Champion juicer…and why she had to do a “take 2” with that round of ice-cream making!

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