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How To Perform Yogic Exercises

By In Yoga On May 13, 2011

Now that you have made the decision to begin yoga, it is very important that you learn the correct forms and proper poses in order to achieve maximum results. Finding the right instructor is key, as they will be the ones to guide your exercise regimen properly and assist you in correcting your stances.

Since yoga involves the static and isometric contraction of the muscles, it is important to note that the stretching or contraction of the muscles should not be done abruptly or suddenly. You should strive to keep the transition between poses as fluid and as slow as possible, using intermediate postures. This way there is a steady rise in the tension of the muscles. The movement of each body part should be done with complete control, smoothly and gracefully, taking care not to jerk or strain unnecessarily.

Initially, when learning yoga, there is a tendency to overcompensate and use certain muscles that are not required for a particular hold. Over a period of time, with guided practice, you can eliminate unproductive muscular activity. You will soon learn to use only targeted specific muscles for contractions and stretches while keeping other muscles relaxed.

Always be careful not to overwork your muscles or restrict your breathing. If you have been out of practice for a while, or are recovering from being ill, make sure you start back slowly. Take some time to regain your skill level to your body’s former condition.

At the end of each yoga session, you should feel fresh and relaxed, experiencing a lightness and exhilaration in your spirit. Take care to adjust your workout regimen to fit your own unique limits and capacities. Eliminate exhaustion and tension from your sessions and you will find a great fulfillment as you find a healthier lifestyle.

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