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Kale Chips: The taste of junk food without the junk!

By In Yoga On February 15, 2013

“Mmm, these ARE good,” two of our yoga students recently exclaimed as they hung out in the lobby after class crunching on The Kale Factory’s Kale Chips that we sell at the studio.
“Bombay Ranch and the Vegan Cheese flavors are my favorites,” says one of our instructors. Some others prefer the savory Spicy Miso and Sea Salt & Vinegar flavors that we also carry.
According to The New York Times, these gluten-free, vegan chips are “thin and glazed with various seasonings. They are not only snack-worthy and packed with nutrients, but they can also be used for dipping or as a salad topping or a garnish for all sorts of dishes, like baked fish or even soups.”
So, just how are these chips made?
The Kale Factory explains: “We prep farm fresh kale leaves, dress them with a delicious sauce, and dehydrate them for 12 hours until they are crispy and taste delicious. Our vegan kale chips are dehydrated under 115 degrees Fahrenheit. While our kale chips are being dehydrated, all their living enzymes remain alive.”
The Kale Factory suggests eating raw or dehydrated kale if you want the most health benefits from kale, however, to “help with the absorption of the fat soluble vitamins A, E, and K,” they recommend eating raw kale with some fat. To help with that, they add nuts and seeds to some of their kale products. “Who doesn’t like good healthy fats?” they ask.
Kale is definitely our “friend here at Life’s Journey Yoga & Wellness Center. It’s no secret we love the tasty kale/apple/lemon juice that Penny makes at each juicing workshop and at the juicing classes she does for the “Teens in Balance” class from Grace Episcopal Day School. And, if you missed her article about why kale does the body good, here it is!
“Kale is one of the most nutrient-dense leafy greens that is rich in folate, calcium, and iron,” explains The Kale Factory. “It is a big warrior in the battle against cancer, heart disease, and other diseases. The best thing is that this vegetable is able to clean the blood.”
Additionally, they highlight that kale is:
~ Low in calories
~ Fights anti-inflammatory conditions
~ High in Vitamins K, A & C
~ A good source of minerals and beta-carotene.
With all that goodness packed in a snack that tastes “as good as junk food,” according to The Awesomer, who wouldn’t want this kind of chip?
Just this past week, the “Teens in Balance” students requested more kale chips as they finished up their yoga class and were about to head back to school, so we’re putting more samples out for them next week.
And, if you’ve got some blood-cleaning to do after indulging on Valentine’s Day, well, The Kale Factory’s Kale Chips  await you on our lobby counter and at the back of the studio in our “Off The Mat” store.
“They’re “perfect for guilt-free snacking. You can easily eat an entire container of the delicious chips,” says Healthy Way to Cook on the Press page at where you can learn much more about The Kale Factory’s products.
“Yup, that happens to me every time,” says Penny. I begin crunching on a few kale chips and, before I know it, the whole container is gone. Do join in on this kale-snacking fun,” she says with a kale crunch.
Have a kale-ful weekend!

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