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Listen to YOUR Body on Yoga Day USA!

By In Yoga On January 22, 2010

Well, tomorrow’s the day! Yoga Day USA! And we’re excited about it here at Life’s Journey Yoga & Wellness. Thousands of people across the country will be on yoga mats: breathing, bending, balancing, being…believing in the science of yoga to increase oxygen levels and improve blood supplies. Long story short, yoga puts us on the road to far better health…mind, body & spirit health! Period.

It really is a beautiful, natural process of healing—simply initiated by a little effort from us—if we just take an hour or so out (or less time if need be) to do it. I certainly can’t imagine my life without it. I guess that’s why I’m just totally thrilled about tomorrow; I know many, many people who have never experienced yoga before will gain exposure to it. Exciting!

Time for a cartwheel from all this excitement…

Okay, I’m back (and, yes, I really did do one).

Many, like me, will know from their very first yoga experience that a yoga practice IS their “thing.” While this practice may not resonate with others as quickly, chances are they won’t be able to deny a good feeling within…in one capacity or another. And, if nothing else, they may just sleep better tomorrow night, and that really is a huge benefit.

I recently had a student come to one of my classes who hesitated about practicing yoga that evening with the group because of muscle spasms she was experiencing in her back. However, I still encouraged her to try it. “If nothing else,” I explained, “you can just soak up the calming environment and breathe deeply. If you are not comfortable trying a posture because of your back, don’t,” I said, “simply find whatever feels comfortable for your body during the time we’re in a certain posture and BREATHE…as breathing is the most important part of the practice anyway.”

This new student took my advice. She set up her yoga mat and got comfortable on it. A little bit into the class when the group hung out in Forward Facing bend (Uttanasana), she didn’t feel comfortable trying that very restorative posture because of her back. Instead, she chose to stand upright in Mountain pose (Tadasana)and BREATHE. She was totally comfortable doing just that…and she passed on a few other postures, too, just focusing solely on her breath. At the end of class, she said to me: “I feel so much better compared to how I felt when I left work today.”

This student returned the following week and shared how well she slept the night after her first class. And while she hadn’t done the full “guided” practice with the rest of the group, she did HER practice and honored a key principal of yoga:

To listen to and honor YOUR body!

So, wherever you are practicing yoga tomorrow…with us or not, do remember that principle to honor your body.

By the way, if you’ve been curious about why we have chosen to serve fresh green juices (tasty juices) after class tomorrow, Yoga Professional Rainbeau Mars ( explains it well: “Keep the body alkaline – Fresh squeezed juices are alkaline. Cooked juices are not and can irritate mucus. Greens should be a daily discipline, as they keep the blood in the body nourished, the chlorophyll high, and the lungs full of breath.”

And doesn’t that just complement yoga so well?

Have you tried a fresh green juice before? Did you enjoy it? What ingredients were in it?

Be well & see you soon!
Penny Powell

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  • JasonF 9 YEARS AGO

    This sounds great, Penny! Good luck tomorrow. :)

  • Penny 9 YEARS AGO

    Thanks, Jason! It'll be a fun day! :-)

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