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Looking Back on Yoga Day USA!

By In Yoga On January 27, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

Sorry we’re a few days behind schedule with our Yoga Day USA update! We’ve been busy organizing and promoting our series classes, so do check those out and try one! We believe you’ll be glad you did, because there’s nothing quite like that renewed feeling at the end of a yoga class!

Back to Yoga Day USA! We had so much fun last Saturday and really appreciated those who came out to celebrate the day with us. In case any of our Yoga Day students missed our thank-you letter, here it is…(this version with pictures)!

Greetings, One & All:

Thank you for joining us on Saturday (Jan. 23) for Yoga Day USA. Your presence at Life’s Journey Yoga & Wellness made the occasion that much more special, and we hope you enjoyed your practice with our instructor, Sandy Kirk.

In the spirit of celebrating, we did things a little bit differently on Yoga Day and somehow managed to fit all of you in our upstairs studio. Thank you for just flowing with that! However, please know that our classes are designed to be smaller, so if you choose to attend any of our regular or series classes (and we hope you will), you will definitely have more space for spreading out during your practice. We typically keep our classes to about 6 or less.

We also appreciate you sticking around on Yoga Day for the juicing and smoothie demonstration. I really enjoyed sharing that process with you. Thanks for your interest! The kale/apple/lemon juice was well received. Yummy, right? By the way, did you know that for quicker assimilation of nutrients (and healing), FRESH JUICES (from the juicer) are the way to go?

Green smoothies (made in blender) are oh so healthy, too (and great for fiber, plus a fun way for consuming greens),  but juices do not require any digestion, so the body can immediately get to work assimilating and healing. Clearer skin, a lighter-feeling
body,more energy, weight loss, happier emotions and so much more are all benefits of a juicing (and green smoothie) practice.

If you’d like to get more hands-on experience with juicing (or healthy smoothies), just let us know. Celebrating a birthday or another special event soon and want to do something out of the norm? Let us help you personalize a healthy yoga/juicing party for you and your friends. We can reserve our wellness space at Life’s Journey just for you and your loved ones!

But, in the meantime, still come and visit. We have classes throughout the week, and if you do not see one during a time that suits your schedule, please let us know. We’ll do our best to accommodate you.

We just sent out our February SERIES class offerings. You can view the options here. Secure your space soon! Again, there will be far more physical space for you than on Yoga Day!

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Have a great week!

With Appreciation & Namaste’,

Penny Powell
Wellness Coordinator, RYT

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