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Release Emotional Pain, Limiting Beliefs, and Negative Thought-Patterns

By In Wellness, Yoga On December 07, 2010

In many cases, our emotional intelligence and ability to relate to ourselves in a nurturing, life-affirming way are limited by conditioned thought-patterns and stored emotional pain. The limits we impose on our emotions originated with the discomfort of our parents. We formed our boundaries by reacting to theirs. They also were taught as children to recognize when an emotion was “too much.” Their sense of appropriateness and their ability to empathize and express themselves was inherited, and they had little choice but to pass it on.

What this means is that our emotional life isn’t completely ours. It comes to us secondhand. Every tear we shed, every angry outburst, and every peal of laughter reflects the emotional comfort range of parents, caregivers, grandparents, and other people who have been influential in our lives.

As we were growing up and as adults, we may have also experienced emotionally painful events such as divorce, the loss of a job or a dream, the death of a loved one, and so on. If we haven’t been able to heal and release the pain of the past, the emotional toxicity we are still carrying will further limit the free flow of our emotional intelligence and our capacity for authentic happiness and fulfillment.

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