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Resolve to Be Well in 2012

By In Wellness On December 28, 2011

James McCaughern-Carucci, MHS, DD, CNHP, RMT

The New Year is upon us and with it comes all those resolutions we try to convince ourselves will really happen. This is the year you are going to lose those 10 pounds, quit smoking, get that bikini body, find that someone special, or ‘insert your specific resolution here’.

How many of those resolutions actually come true? Very few! Why? It’s because the energy behind them is negative. Those resolutions are born out of something being wrong with your life. When you try to create something out of negativity, all you will get is negativity. It’s like building a castle on sand; if there is no solid energetic foundation, the building cannot stand.

Does that mean losing those 10 extra pounds is a lost cause? Absolutely not! It simply means that one needs to adjust the way thinking about the goal and lay the energetic groundwork to make it happen. The best way to do that is to commit to a larger goal: being well mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Once you commit to being well, you pave the way to achieving other goals.

Here are some steps to get you started:

1) Give up thinking that anything is wrong! When something is “wrong,” you are focusing on the negative rather than the positive. What you resist persists! Instead of trying to create a goal out of a negative place, start from a place of positive perfection: you are whole and perfect the way you are! For many of us, this is the hardest step to take. Thinking this way takes daily practice. So, say your positive affirmation to yourself in the mirror every morning and then again every night before bed. Master this, and the whole world will shift in your favor.

2) Define what “well” means for you! If you don’t know what it means to be well, then how will you know when you get there? What does “well” look like? Be realistic and be specific.

3) Enroll others in your goal! When you speak your goals into the world, you are setting the energetic stage for them to happen. By sharing them with others, not only do you keep yourself committed, but you will also generate supporters in your cause. Plus, having others join you on your wellness journey will make it fun.

4) Start with simple dietary changes! Crash diets always fail, and that is because you are stressing the body and triggering starvation hormones. Instead, make small changes for long-term benefits. For example, go meatless once a week. Not only will this reduce your intake of saturated fats, but it reduces your carbon footprint, too. Bonus!

5) Get moving! According to the American Heart Association, getting 30 minutes of exercise every day can reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, and risks of heart disease. That does not mean go and buy a gym membership! Exercising 30 minutes a day TOTAL can simply mean three sessions of 10 minutes each, such as a brisk walk. As long as you get those 30 minutes in, it doesn’t matter how you scheduled them.

6) Learn something new! When we use our brains in a new way, we form new wiring in the brain which can help slow down age-related dementia and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Take an adult education class, try a new hobby, join a social group – just keep using that brain to keep it healthy. Use it or lose it!

7) Take time every day to do something you love! It may be art, scrapbooking, reading, music…whatever. Simply give yourself time to unwind and enjoy. This will reduce your stress levels and your risk of stress-related illness.

8) Reduce the toxicity in your life! Every day, we are assaulted with toxic chemicals, toxic environments, and toxic people. Commit to reducing your exposure. How? Reduce processed foods in the diet, alcohol intake, smoking, dyes and perfumes wherever possible. Have people in your life that are toxic (really, who doesn’t)? Reduce your exposure to them and don’t allow yourself to get dragged into other people’s drama. Surround yourself with positive, affirming people.

All of these steps support the whole person and lay the groundwork for positive, productive change in your life. When you practice each of these, an opening to other related goals is created. For example, by reducing the number of toxic people in your life, you create space for that someone special to appear. By eliminating meat once a week, you can introduce new foods, such as more fruits and veggies that will help promote weight loss.

Be patient, be consistent, be committed, and be well!

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