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Spring Cleanse Retreat

By In Cleansing, Retreat, Wellness, Yoga On March 29, 2010

There was a recent post on our Facebook page that read: “working on preparations for ‘Spring Cleanse Retreat’, looking forward to the light & nutritious Living Food menu from our very own Raw Food Consultant, Penny Powell.”

I responded to that post with what I referred to as My “Raw Food” essay! I wrote:

On Saturday, I went to my cousin’s out-of-town bridal shower. After that lovely event, several of my family members went to my grandmother’s house, including an aunt of mine who was visiting from Bermuda and was highly curious about the Green Smoothie she had heard so much about. So, at my grandmother’s, I pulled out her very old but STRONG Cuisinart blender and got to demonstrating.

Read the rest of the entry coming on tomorrow’s blog at Find out how quickly the Green Smoothie can “push” that cleansing button for some folks.

Let’s get those colons cleaned out for Spring… That’s a big part of the “dirt” on Spring Cleaning!

Days later than planned, here’s the rest of the story:

I had quite a Green Smoothie audience, all intrigued by the simplicity of the process and the taste of their spinach, banana, pineapple smoothie. My cousin instantly decided that would be dinner for her this week. She went home with her mom’s blender, in addition to some smoothies in Mason jars I prepared that night.

Prior to my Saturday’s arrival near the Tampa area, my aunt had asked me what she could purchase for the Green Smoothie. I told her to simply get some greens, such as spinach, some bananas, and whatever other fruit she wanted.

By the time I had arrived, she had stocked the fridge with spinach, celery, carrots, pineapple, blueberries, apples, strawberries, and there were plenty bananas on the counter.

The first round of smoothie sampling consisted of the spinach, banana, pineapple combo. And, by the way, the smoothies initiated some quick overnight and/or morning cleansing for some….if you know what I mean! Let’s get those colons clean for Spring!

Another thing I did that night was took some leftover salad from the bridal shower (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, different color peppers, onion) and put that in the blender with about a cup of water and an avocado. That made a creamy soup-like smoothie, and spices could have been added to really pep it up. However, to add a touch of sweetness, I blended in two bananas and it turned out TERRIFIC.

My aunt liked that one even better than the initial one we had made…but she had also liked the first one, too. However, my cousin much preferred the fruity one. ***By the way, because the natural sugar in bananas feed cancer and such, that fruit is not recommended for those with such conditions.

The Living Food Beverage Party Continues…

On Sunday morning, the “party” continued with carrot/apple/ginger JUICE made in my grandmother’s JUICER (not blender)…and banana/strawberry smoothies made in her trusty Cuisinart BLENDER we had used on Saturday night. It was very exciting for me to see my family desiring to further increase their health via this simple, tasty way.

This week, I’m returning my “starter” juicer to my in-laws so they can improve their health, too. My mother-in-law gave me the juicer when she first heard I was interested in buying one many years ago. Since she wasn’t using hers at the time, she generously passed it on with Jay Kordich’s info-packed book, “The Juiceman’s Power of Juicing,” a resource I refer to often that has “Delicious Juice Recipes For Energy, Health, Weight Loss, And Relief From Scores Of Common Ailments.”

Since my smaller, starter juicer, I’ve upgraded my juicer (twice), and because my in-laws are in need of one, my juicing demo will be moving a little closer to home this week to refresh them on the process.

I hope to meet you at the retreat on Crystal Lake in Keystone Heights for some healthy juicing fun, too, as well as fun with smoothies, salads, raw-vegan pasta, healthy desserts, and more! Sure to be yummy fun, fun, fun! But, remember, tasty and healthy food is not only what this retreat is about.

Learn more about our Healing Retreat- Spring Cleanse. Here’s to good health!

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