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By In Old Callouts On May 21, 2009


Are you a “pack rat” or “clean and tidy?” and what does this have to do with wellness?

Just like our homes and offices we can collect a lot of clutter in our minds. As this clutter build it can and does effect our bodies as a whole. We are 3 part beings mind (intellect, emotions, and will) body (physical) and spirit (our core essence/being).

Did you know that a recent study by Harvard University projects a whopping 98% of all disease is somehow related to stress. We cannot avoid all stress in our lives; however, we can learn practical and effective skills to reverse the effects that stress and anxiety bring to our lives.

Our holistic consultations offer an individualized approach to the negative thinking pattern in your life triggering the stress factor.

Whether you have a little or a lot to clean out, let us help you clean out your emotional clutter and put a pep in your step with a lighter load!

Call 904-276-3116 or email us to find out more information regarding our Stress Relief Consulting and other Wellness Health Services.

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