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Thai Yoga Massage Therapy increases energy flow and circulation

By In Yoga On June 08, 2010

As an active believer in the healing power of regular yoga practice and always in search of an effective therapeutic massage to treat her fibromyalgia pain, certified Thai yoga therapist and founder of Life’s Journey Yoga and Wellness, Kimberli Hargnett, wants to share the benefits of the ancient therapy with her clients. “After years of experience in holistic health, I’ve found that this particular therapy offers healing on such a deep level even after the first treatment” says Kimberli, who has experienced the marked benefits as both client and practitioner of Thai Yoga.

Thai Yoga Massage is not just some trendy yoga craze. The bodywork therapy has a history that dates to its traditional origin 2,500 years ago in India practiced as part of the healing system of Ayurveda. A unique blend of guided yoga postures, stretching, and massage increases energy flow and circulation to all areas of the body, relieves tension, and promotes a more balanced lifestyle. In Thai Yoga Massage the client lies on the floor on a comfortable mat as opposed to table massage which can be limiting to movement. Each session is catered specifically to the postures, stretching, and pressure your body needs making the therapy beneficial to all ages and levels of flexibility. Absolutely no yoga experience is required.

“We all live with stuck emotional energy stored throughout the body and this beneficial and enjoyable bodywork allows for the movement and release of negative holding patterns” -Kimberli Hargnett

If you are looking for a gentle and restoring therapy that merges the compassion of massage and the stress-relieving benefits of yoga, a Thai Yoga session at Life’s Journey Yoga and Wellness Center will certainly be a uplifting experience for you! Please call (904) 276-3116 or see our Thai Yoga Massage Therapy page for amazing summer specials!!

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