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The Revival of The Banana/Chocolate Ice Cream

By In Yoga On January 11, 2013

In last week’s blog entry, we promised you some healthy chocolate ice cream this week made in the Champion juicer.(

Penny’s here to tell you all about it.

Hello, All:   I wish you could witness how absolutely simple it is to make this ice cream. If you have a Champion juicer, well, you already know that, huh! Man, it’s easy!

  As mentioned last week, after I made the Banana/Lemon/Ginger Pudding, my son requested chocolate ice cream, Champion-juicer style. Well, guess what happened after I made it?

My son asks:   “Why are there chunks in it?” He was familiar with what the creamy version tasted like, so he instantly knew something was off with this batch.

After a little investigation, I realized what the problem was! Because I had first frozen the bananas with the skin on them and didn’t let them defrost long enough before peeling them, when I plunged the bananas through the juicer, they still had some parts of the inner peel on them. Then, that showed up in the ice cream…as unpleasant chunks!


  Thinking that freezing the chunky ice cream for a little bit could help, well, it didn’t…

The only answer was to start over…but I was out of bananas.

So, to the store I went. This time, I pelt the bananas FIRST, put them in a produce bag and froze them. That way, no parts of the peel would end up going through the juicer.

Now, THAT worked like a charm!

Then, I simply stirred in some chocolate powder for this:

But, because it was melting quickly as I stirred the chocolate in, it didn’t stay AS creamy. It was still yummy, though…and the kind of icecream I don’t at all mind eating! 🙂


Have you ever….

…used a frozen banana or two in place of ice in your smoothies? Not only will this give you a cold smoothie, but a creamy one, too!

Bananas too sweet for you? Use 1/2 an avocado for a creamy smoothie…and you won’t even taste the avocado that’s loaded with nutrition and healthy fat!

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