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Tree Pose

By In Yoga On June 20, 2012

Tree pose ( Vrksasana pronounced Vrik-SHAHS-anna) is a favorite of many yoga practitioners, and it’s easy to understand why!

The tree is full of symbolic meaning. When looking at a tree, we become aware of alignment, uprightness, and strength. There is balance between the spread of the tree’s branches and the root system that expands in width and depth. Trees also symbolize life and growth.

Want to improve your mood and reduce stress? Try Tree pose! It improves not only balance and concentration, but also blood circulation, and is an excellent way to find calmness and become centered.

Tree pose can be traced back to India where it was used by yoga practitioners to assist them with attaining mental and spiritual enlightenment.

Physical benefits of Tree pose include: strengthening the spine, calves, and ankles, and stretching the shoulders, chest, inner thighs, and groin. It is also useful for relieving sciatica and reducing flat feet, while calming the mental body and initiating a grounding effect.

To learn more about Vrksasana and ways to do it properly, stop by Life’s Journey Yoga and Wellness and have one of our amazing instructors guide you through it. Feel free to also request Tree pose in one of the yoga classes you take.

Grow your branches long, your roots deep, and sway with the wind whenever given the chance.

Happy & Healthy Tree posing!

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