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Tropic Fusion’s Grand Opening

By In Yoga On March 05, 2010

While I’m more of a let’s-throw-some-dark-leafy-greens-and-fruit-in-a-blender-or-juicer type of girl to make a quick, nutritious drink, one Friday morning I awoke eager to sample a Tropic Fusion shake. This business had recently moved into the downstairs space of our building at Life’s Journey, so I figured it was only right I got to know our new neighbors and their products a little better, right?

I mean, I had already become fast friends with one of the owners, Desiree Andersen (to know her is to love her), so I had no problem calling her at about 7:30 a.m. that Friday morning stating my request on her voice mail. She got right back to me and asked which one of Tropic Fusion’s 37 flavors would I like to try. Wow, all that choice — and only a few minutes to decide at the time — since I had to get out the door to take my son to school. Somehow, I managed to quickly narrow my choice down to Vanilla/Berry.

Desiree told me she’d be at Tropic Fusion by about 8:30 a.m. I figured that was the time she had planned to be there that day anyway; however, I later realized she made a special trip there that morning to honor my sample request. I was impressed. Typically, Tropic Fusion will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., but my sample-shake day fell at a time they were still under construction with no set hours.

When I apologized profusely to Desiree about her having to come in just for me, she quickly made me “zip” that thought. “This is what Tropic Fusion is all about,” she explained. “We are not a shake shop. We want to build relationships with each and every person who walks through that door,” she said pointing to the entrance nearest the boardwalk that separates Tropic Fusion and Life’s Journey from Island Realty. “We want to know every person by name and get to know their wellness goals,” continued Desiree who is also a wellness coach.

That morning, when I had entered the building from the porch entrance (the door that faces Kingsley Avenue and a more direct route upstairs to Life’s Journey), I called out to Desiree that I’d be right back down the stairs for my sample. After setting my things down, getting the studio ready for a class, and finishing up a phone call, I darted back down the stairs. As I entered the colorful Tropic Fusion, I was greeted by an extended hand, passing me an aloe shot. “Wow, I get an aloe shot today, too?” I exclaimed with pure delight. “Of course,” the lovely Desiree replied.

Off to the kitchen we went where a beautiful purple shake was awaiting me. I was really vibing with the color of the drink; it gave me a lift, and then the taste helped keep me there. What a pleasant, smooth purple drink going down. I quickly noticed how filling it was, so I actually sipped on it for a long while, well beyond the time I was physically standing inside of Tropic Fusion. “It’s a meal-replacement shake,” Desiree explained.

If the protein shake wasn’t enough, I was also invited to try a herbal tea, an energy booster. I had to, however, later carry that out the door and sip that for the next hour or so, because, like I said, I was FULL…..Full inside my tummy and full on life thanks to sharing in Desiree’s amazing, caring energy that morning.

So, just what’s in this drink? Click here to find out.

Here, you can follow Tropic Fusion on Facebook and see more pictures of their moving-into-the-building journey!

Would you like your own sample…served with top-notch service? Stop by 634 Kingsley Avenue for Tropic Fusion’s Grand Opening on Sunday, March 7, between 3:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Owners Desiree and Perry will see to it that you have a good time. Trust me on this one! Free samples for the entire time…..

At last week’s LJWC’s Friday Variety Night, this couple spoiled us Life’s Journey folks with more sampling and fun socializing. As I leaned over their tropical bar, I imagined a world as such….folks at a health bar having a grand time from aloe shots instead of those “typical” shots.

“I feel like I should be here in my bathing suit with sarong, dancing,” I said to Desiree during Friday Variety Night. “Well, I plan on serving some shakes in my sarong” she replied with a laugh. A tropical-feeling Tropical Fusion surely provides, and Life’s Journey and Tropical Fusion are, well, a good fusion!

By the way, before you leave the building on Sunday, don’t forget to pick up one of LJWC’s class schedules that will be available inside of Tropic Fusion and in our shared downstairs lobby. Want a tour of our upstairs yoga studio? Find me or another LJWC instructor and we’ll gladly take you on a journey up the stairs…

See you on Sunday? Hope so…

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  • Perry Coughlin 9 YEARS AGO

    . . . WOW . . . Penny, you are incredible . . . thank you so much for all the love & joy you have brought to our lives . . .

  • Penny 9 YEARS AGO

    Thanks, Perry! DITTO...:-) It's so fun having the presence of you and Desiree in the Life's Journey and Tropic Fusion building! Good energy abounds....:-) Thanks for posting! See you soon at 634 Kingsley Avenue! :-) Penny

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