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Yoga for Children

By In Old Callouts On May 21, 2009


Are your children calm and focused? Not many are these days. Children seem to be just as stressed as the adult population. Just like adults, children experience stress in their lives: peer pressures, school and day cares, the media, and packed or hurried schedules.

Many parents are now helping their children cope in a holistic way. A healthy diet, less activities, arts and yes, yoga for children.

Yoga has been proven to promote many benefits for all ages. Children have shown improvement in self control, focused academics, coordination, confidence and skills to use in frustrating situations.
Recent studies continue to suggest yoga and meditation to be especially helpful to children with ADD, autism, learning challenges and some with emotional and physical limitations.

Life’s Journey Yoga offers customized classes with a fun, non competitive environment for children to experience yoga and give them a gift of confidence for a lifetime.

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