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Yoga is an Ideal Tool for Children Part II

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“I wish I had that in school when I was a child,” is commonly heard from so many area adults upon hearing what GEDS and LJYWC are providing for students. While there are many schools throughout the country offering yoga, LJYWC hopes to see this expand more in our local area, too.

“Yoga helps take us to our core, so it’s not hard to understand how it ends up playing a positive role in core academic subjects and other areas of the school day,” says Powell. “Children learn to take their yoga breathing into their study time and test-taking time, and it’s exciting to see just how much of a difference quieting the mind with the breath and certain stretches can make.”

Morrison is the teacher at LJYWC who specializes in helping not only students understand how yoga crosses over to homework, morning routines, the school day, evening routines and such, but she also provides a related workshop for parents called “Peaceful Parenting” to help parents learn how they can support their children at home in their off-the-yoga-mat journeys.

“Our yoga summer camps for grades K – 6 offer a unique approach to integrative learning,” Morrison explains. “We use yoga as a pathway to reading, storytelling, music, creative arts, science, earth care and more. Those areas of learning blend seamlessly with yoga poses to strengthen the body and mind. The curriculum we use will provide children with an exciting new way to explore and appreciate their body’s creative potential.”

During the week-long camps at LJYWC, not only will campers stretch their bodies and open their hearts, but they will also be activating the right side of the brain with daily creative art projects.

“We hope you’ll let your children experience one or all of our camps and workshops that will spill over to a lifetime of fitness, fun, and feeling great,” says Morrison.

The 2012 dates for the YogaKids Summer Camps at LJYWC are June 18 – 22 and July 30 – Aug. 3 from 9:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

The Back-to-School Workshops for Kids, listed below, can be taken individually or as a package.

Kids Workshop 1:  Bath, Breathe, Bed — By using yoga and relaxation techniques, your child will learn a nightly routine to encourage restful sleep. Better sleep for your child means improved emotional well-being, better decision-making and problem-solving skills leading to better grades.

Kids Workshop 2:  Bed, Bath, Board the Bus — By using yoga, breath work and music, participants will learn to establish a morning routine sure to excite every child to start their day filled with positivity, peace, and balance.

Kids Workshop 3:  Homework Harmony & Tranquil Testing — We all know that these times can be very stressful for both parent, teacher, and child. Together create individualized routines using yoga, breath, brain balance routines, and affirmations to reduce anxiety and bring peace to homework and testing time, resulting in smiles, confidence, and educational excellence.

Parent/Teacher Workshop 4:  Peaceful Parenting — With YogaKids Teacher and Trainer, Jackie Morrison, review what your children have learned and experienced in Workshops 1 – 3. Learn tips and techniques for reinforcing what your children have been taught in their workshops to support your children to be the best they can be. 

YogaKids Workshops will begin in June and go through August 2012. Want more information on YogaKids?? Check out our YogaKids Classes and Workshops.

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