Bliss Yoga and Wellness
Bliss Yoga & Wellness

A studio for everybody and every body

This is an ideal class for first-time yoga students and/or experienced students who simply want to surrender to ultimate calmness. Basic yoga postures and breath work are embraced in a highly gentle nature. The primary goal is to coordinate movement with the breath, to remove unstuck energy and allow the natural flow of air and energy to move throughout the body to enhance mind, body, and spirit.

Believe it or not, every single thing is energy, and humans tend to carry a lot of stuck energy in the body. When the energy does not move throughout the body in its most natural state, this misalignment interferes with the quality of one’s life. Our Gentle Kripalu Yoga class can help you clear this stuck energy by focusing on deeper breathing, movement, sound, and other gentle techniques.

“Nurture your nature. Refrain from strain.” ~Gerry Lishin, “Yoga Teachers Notebook”

“Yoga as Medicine – The Yoga Prescription for Health and Healing” by Timothy McCall, M.D., says: “Kripalu teachers stress the importance of creating an emotionally safe space for students to practice, and encourage their students to go into and ‘process’ their feelings, reflecting Kripalu’s conscious integration of insights from Western psychotherapy with Eastern wisdom. There is an emphasis on emotional release, spiritual growth, and self-acceptance.”