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A studio for everybody and every body

Since yoga is a mind-body-spirit practice, all of our yoga classes are versions of a Mind/Body class. This Mind/Body class journey, however, will move at a slower pace than a Vinyasa or Power yoga class, and all levels of students – from the new yoga student to the more experienced – are invited to join in!

 “Develop your yoga as a practice of both mental and physical liberation.” Gerry Lishin, “Yoga Teachers Notebook”

New students will develop body and breath awareness, posture alignment, and core strength in basic poses while experienced students are encouraged to explore advanced variations in familiar postures, if that is their preference in any given class. Each student, regardless of skill level, works at his or her own ability, desire and comfort level in our Mind/Body class to improve overall health, including balance, flexibility, and strength.

A Mind/Body class may include popular yoga postures, such as Cat and Cow poses, Downward Facing Dog, a Warrior series, and more. Students may also be introduced to yoga props and creative yoga sequencing to experience more variety. As with all yoga classes, the unique teaching style of each Mind/Body instructor will be present. But, regardless of teacher or class sequencing, you will be sure to leave class feeling both invigorated and relaxed.

Come enjoy a nurturing Mind/Body class to experience a refreshing connection to yourself and others! This class is offered each morning of the week (except Sunday) and some evenings. Visit our Class Calendar to pick the day and time that works for you.

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