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As the name suggests, this class is so amazingly restorative that it could certainly be called “Comfort Yoga.” However, don’t think that this passive form of stretching doesn’t reap great benefits. Thanks to the use of yoga props, such as bolsters (pillows), blocks, straps and blankets that beautifully support and complement the body’s ability to stretch, restorative yoga postures can be easily held for extended periods of time, allowing the body to open, release, and restore to great degrees.

Most restorative postures are done from a supine (on back) or seated position. Resting on one’s back while placing legs up the wall is a popular restorative pose that helps remove congestion from the legs and rebalance the overall body, physically and mentally. A lovely foot compression, such as a sandbag, might even be placed on the soles of your feet as you rest in “Legs Up The Wall.” Ahh…body bliss!

The posture variations in our Restorative class are endless, but they all feel incredible. Given that, a Restorative Yoga class and/or Yoga Nidra (see description) are ideal complements to our other yoga classes!
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