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A faster-paced class than a Mind/Body class, Vinyasa, which means “breath-synchronized movement” is a flowing style of yoga that harmonizes breath with movement.  While this class is ideal for the experienced yoga student, an active person who is new to yoga may also appreciate the pace of a Vinyasa class that quickly warms the body while increasing stamina, internal balance and focus, abdominal strength, flexibility and more.

“Promote fluidity of movement, awaken your inner dancer.” ~Gerry Lishin, “Yoga Teachers Notebook”

Like the Mind/Body class, our Vinyasa (Flow) Yoga is also a multi-level journey offering students the options to modify their postures as needed and challenge themselves as desired. The postures (also known as “asanas”) can be arranged into varying sequences that can meet the needs and/or moods of students. As with all yoga classes, the unique teaching style of each Vinyasa instructor will be present.

Sun Salutations (a particular group of postures that sequentially flow together with the breath) are commonly found in a Vinyasa class along with a Warrior series, an Extended Side Angle sequence and more. Whatever the Vinyasa flow, you’ll be sure to create warmth in the body for burning/releasing toxins, weight, stress, and even emotional pain, limiting beliefs, and negative thought-patterns.

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