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Because yoga encourages students to move from the power of the core (the abdominal muscles) while transitioning into and holding various postures, students in this class will get a double-dose of core work, thanks to the core emphasis that the Pilates method of exercise is built upon!

Yogalates is appropriate for new and experienced students as modifications and challenges, alike, are offered. While the posture sequence may vary from class to class, one thing is for sure: You will always be working your core!

“Exercise and strengthen your core, and your body will be sure to do more.” ~Penny Powell, RYT-200

In Yogalates, the essence of Yoga meets the core of Pilates, a core-strengthening method of exercise founded by Joseph Pilates. The similarities and differences of these practices beautifully come together as one!

ā€œOne of the most obvious similarities between Pilates and yoga is that they are both body/mind disciplines. The intent for both is to bring the body and mind together in a way that enhances awareness and elevates the over-all life experience of the practitioner. Any body/mind integrative practice can evolve into a spiritual practice,ā€ explains

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