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Yoga Styles & Devotion

By In Yoga On February 16, 2010

For fun, I took Yoga Journal’s Yoga Style quiz.

My result: “The style of yoga that best suits you is: Jivamukti Yoga

You look for a meditative but physically challenging form of yoga. Jivamukti Yoga merges vigorous sequences of poses with chanting, meditation, music, and affirmations. Its popularity lies in the teaching approach of cofounders David Life and Sharon Gannon, who combined their Ashtanga Yoga background with a variety of ancient and modern spiritual teachings. Bhakti yoga (devotion) and ahimsa (nonviolence) are central components of Jivamukti Yoga……. To read an overview of other yoga styles, click here.

It’s interesting to me that Bhakti yoga (devotion) came up in this description, especially since I had just written this journal entry below on Sunday, immediately after arriving home form the Devotional Yoga series class I taught that morning. About that class…that day, I wrote:

Holy Silence! That’s what I’m feeling this Valentine’s Day as a result of a Devotional yoga class I taught this morning. It was the second class in a four week series I’m doing this month. (Click here to find out what series classes our other instructors are teaching.)

Yoga has always felt like a devotion in motion to me, and once I became certified to teach it, I knew I wanted to offer a class in which “devotion” would be the focus. This series is that “dream” turned “reality” for me.

After today’s class, even amidst the sound of the music playing in the background, the sound of my voice and such, there was indeed a Holy Silence permeating throughout our space. “What a perfect way to begin a Sunday morning,” a new yoga student said as she departed from her mat after class.

At the beginning and end of our practice, I read the poem “Release” by Danna Faulds from her poetry book, “Limitless”, a poem that I believe helped guide us deeper into today’s Holy Silence:

“I lay myself down
on the welcoming
ground, the earth’s
spine becoming mine.
Peace seeps into
heavy limbs and
slows my heartbeat
to the pace of
nature. I take refuge
in the quiet, and let
my burdens go,
one by one, until
the earth and I
both float in the
same vast and
holy silence.”

Ahh, the feeling of that internal silence is a beautiful experience!

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    Penny, Glad you got to teach headstand in class. I think its your next to favorite behing WHEEL. :) beautiful

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