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Yoga, the YogaKids® Way!

By In Yoga On February 01, 2013

By Penny Powell, RYT-200

In between teaching two yoga classes on Thursday, I got to climb a mountain via a ladder and grow a tree on the mountaintop before racing down the mountain and transforming back into a barking dog, meowing cat, mooing cow, hissing snake, and more!

So, where and how’d all this happen?

Thankfully, I was located at the right place at the right time to get in on all of this fun! When YogaKids®  Teacher/Trainer Jackie Morrison saw me hanging out in the lobby at Life’s Journey in between my classes, she invited me to join 12 women who had traveled to Orange Park from across the country and around the world to take the YogaKids® teacher training program.

The first order of business on their first training day was to experience a yoga class the YogaKids® way!

After moving through various fun yoga postures that represent animals, the engaging, interactive story that Jackie was telling would take us on a journey up a mountain.

“What’s the largest mountain in the United States?” Jackie asked.

“Mt. McKinley,” a student replied.

“Where’s it located?” Jackie asked.


In YogaKids® classes, geography, science, and such are ‘sandwiched’ right into the fun of the postures!

“What’s some things we find at the top of mountains?” we were asked after using body balance “on our ladder” to climb to the top.

Several answers were blurted out and, of course, “trees” was one of them.

Into Tree pose we went!

For some reason, that “tree” eventually needed to be replaced, so we did a fun deep-breathing exercise along with a chopping motion to chop it down. Then, we “planted” the new tree via Tree pose with the opposite leg.

When it was time to climb down the mountain, Jackie asked if anyone wanted to race!

“I’ll race you,” I replied.

Some of us picked up the pace while others kept the rhythm that felt right for them.

After all that hard work up on the mountaintop and climbing back down, we felt “strong, confident, and powerful,” so during our strong Warrior poses, we said affirmations, aloud, such as: “I am strong. I am powerful. I am confident.”

Next, it was time to start preparing for Final Relaxation on our mats — with eye pillows helping to relax our eyes! First, though, we moved through a bit of swaying our legs from side to side while resting on our backs and listening to soothing music.

When it was all said and done, I could tell how much of a wonderful workout my body had received from the variety of fun. At one point, we had even walked forward and backward in a moving-plank fashion and ran, if we wanted to, while holding Downward Facing Dog. The intensity of each posture was whatever each participant desired.

Truly, the experience was well-rounded, invigorating, relaxing, and fun!

Why not plan to bring your children and their friends to Life’s Journey on Saturday, Feb. 2, 2013 from 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. to experience a FREE & FUN YogaKids® class!

“Children can learn almost anything if they are dancing, tasting, touching, hearing, seeing and feeling information.” ~Maria Montessori

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