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We invite you to try our variety of yoga classes (30 classes available per week) to explore what works best for you! Our studio offers classes for beginners with no experience to more advanced power classes for seasoned yoga practitioners. No matter the class, all are provided in a restorative environment. You do not need to make a reservation for the non-series classes on the Current Schedule.

Here are the different style classes we offer.

Mind/Body Yoga

Students of all levels are invited to join this style of class. Clear instruction is given in breathing technique, warm-up, and posture flow. Students will develop body awareness, posture alignment, and core strength in basic poses while experienced students are encouraged to explore advanced variations in familiar postures. Everyone works at his or her own ability and comfort level. As with all yoga classes, the unique teaching style of each Mind/Body instructor will be present.

Vinyasa (Flow) Yoga

Vinyasa is a flowing style of yoga that harmonizes breathe with movement. Ideal for the experienced yoga student, however, an active person may also appreciate the flow of this class that warms the body while increasing stamina, internal balance, abdominal strength, and flexibility. It is a multi-level class and offers many options — modifying at times and challenging at others. The asanas (yoga postures) can be arranged into different sequences that can meet the practitioner’s need or mood.

Power Yoga

Power yoga is a general term used in the West to describe a vigorous, fitness-based approach to vinyasa-style yoga (see above). It was Power yoga that brought yoga into the gyms of America, because it was seen as another effective workout option. Most power yoga is closely modeled on the Ashtanga style of practice, however, unlike Ashtanga, power yoga does not follow a set series of poses. Therefore, any power yoga class can vary widely from the next, but what they will have in common is an emphasis on strength and flexibility.

Yoga Nidra

The literal translation of Yoga Nidra is Yogic Sleep. It is an ancient form of meditation that will take you into the deepest levels of relaxation as you remain fully aware. When practicing the Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra, your brain waves drop into the alpha and theta state. Then, as you progressively enter deeper and subtler brain waves, you become more relaxed, integrated, expansive, and present. Eventually, you completely shift out of identification with the body, mind, and ego. In this deep state beyond ordinary waking consciousness, your body and mind naturally re-align, allowing you to effortlessly disengage from restrictive physical, mental, and emotional patterning. Here, you are free to create a life that is an expression of higher consciousness rather than acquired conditioning.


Where yoga meets Pilates! Experiencing the best of both worlds, students are able to experience flexibility and breathing, yoga-style, with strengthening the core of the body, Pilates-style!

Heated Power Yoga

Power Yoga (see above) in a heated room.

Gentle Kripalu Yoga

Similar to the really soft side of a Mind/Body class (see description above), this class is very appropriate for the first-time yoga student or experienced students who simply want to surrender to ultimate calmness. Basic yoga postures and breath work are embraced in a highly gentle nature.

Amrit Yoga

This style of yoga combines asanas (yoga postures) followed by deep stillness. There is an inward focus and meditative awareness that enable you to extend your practice into subtle, unconscious stress patterns held not only in the physical body but also in the mental and emotional bodies. Using this method of yoga, you can reconnect with the restorative, regenerative healing forces dormant within you to transform your life and your way of being in it.

Restorative Yoga

As the name suggests, this class is so restorative it could certainly be called “Comfort Yoga.” Through the use of yoga props, such as bolsters (pillows), blocks, and straps, experience how to relax into your stretches in a most soothing, restorative way. Great way to prepare for a new week!

Blissed Out Kids – Classes & Summer Camps

Yoga provides children with exciting new ways to explore and appreciate their body’s creative and academic potential. They learn invaluable skills that set the groundwork for meeting challenges and growing strong and flexible — physically, mentally, and emotionally — while cultivating self-esteem for a lifetime of successful achievement.

Yoga 101 / Alignment Yoga

This class can be enjoyed by newer yogis and experienced practitioners alike. Asanas will be broken down and there will be extreme emphasis on the ABCs of yoga. Alignment. Breath. Core.