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Your Yoga Mat Invites You to Rest!

By In Yoga On February 02, 2010

In her The Daily Raw Inspiration newsletter, Jinjee, a special friend of ours over at, wrote that Lars Mygind, a famous European Peak States Therapist, told her “that a lot of the overweight in the US is caused by stress. If you don’t really know how to relax your whole body, your every cell, in a healthy way, such as deep meditation or being with nature, your organs don’t really rest, and they become inefficient…”

Hmmh, isn’t this yet another IDEAL reason to try yoga? A yoga practice will surely help you “to relax your whole body, your every cell, in a healthy way.” Perhaps that’s why the final relaxation part of class, known as “Corpse pose or Shavasana”, is a FAVORITE for many! It’s that time when the body, mind, and spirit get to rest comfortably in stillness after you would have played your part stimulating your cells and organs by linking deeper levels of breathing with movement (postures known as asanas). At the start of Shavasana, I often say to my students: “Okay, great job…you’ve done your part. Now all you have to do is rest and try to keep your mind out of the way to allow the body to do what it already knows how to do…heal. Just relax and receive!”

Want to take that restful state even further at Life’s Journey? Our Yoga Nidra Series with Sandy Kirk, certified facilitator in the Amrit Method of Yoga Nidra, is must-try as it is ALL about promoting a deep state of rest and relaxation!

Do you feel your body is getting enough rest?

See you on the mat,

Penny Powell, RYT

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